Active Directory Recycle Bin in Windows Server 2012

  1. Go AD administrative center  right click the domain Enable Recycle Bin


To Enable Recycle bin your Forest and domain fuctional level should be Windows 2008R2

2.Once you enabled recycle bin you cannot disable the feature.


3.Replication needs to happen all the domain controllers


4. You can see one more container as Deleted objects in the AD Administrative center


5.Now delete a user object


6. You can view the deleted object in the deleted objects folder and when it’s deleted, OU path.


If you right click the object you will get the option to restore it back to original location or restore to new location

7. If you click the deleted user properties you can see the deleted view with GUID


8. You can add criteria to search the deleted objects container.


If you deleted entire OU you can see the below view in deleted objects container


If you click the restore from user object you will get the below error since the parent OU is not available.


You can restore to different OU by selecting restore to option


9. In 2008R2 you have to use ldp.exe to view the deleted objects container

Connection->connect your domainàbindàDC=domain,DC=com

Options-> controls-> Loadpredefined-> Return deletedobjects


10.View->Treeà Deleted objects folder and all deleted objects


  • · Locate and right-click the deleted Active Directory object that you want to restore, and then click Modify.
  • · In the Modify dialog box:
  1. In Edit Entry Attribute, type isDeleted.
  2. Leave the Values box empty.
  3. Under Operation, click Delete, and then click Enter.
  4. In Edit Entry Attribute, type distinguishedName.
  5. In Values, type the original distinguished name (also known as DN) of this Active Directory object.
  6. Under Operation, click Replace.
  7. Make sure that the Extended check box is selected, click Enter, and then click Run.



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